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CoreOptics is specializing in the development and production of high-speed and niche OE components. Our team with leading-edge tech has more 20 years of experience. The company has a fab in HsinChu, sales offices in China, India, and Japan.
Our main products include HCSEL/VCSEL/DFB/APD/PD. The SWIR HCSEL is different from traditional EEL/VCSEL. It features surface-emitting, high power, small divergence, and is ready for SFF package. It has been successfully implemented by the smartphone.

COT can provide optoelectronic device facrication services for optical communication and 3D sensing applications. COT has developed optoelectronic device production capabilities and we are enable flexible manufacturing of semiconductor laser and photodiode products. (Include customized full device fabrication and device characterization analysis, testing)