1:Achieve surface emitting lasers in the SWIR(1300nm) range for the first time

Currently, the wavelengths of commercially available Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) are only in the visible light to NIR bands, and VCSELs in the SWIR band are mostly in the research and development stage. We use a lateral resonator plus surface-emitting structure to achieve high-power (400mW) surface-emitting lasers in the SWIR band (1300nm). For those who need lightweight and small packaging, and there are no mature materials to produce 1300nm VCSELs, this product can solve the pain points of the industry and provide unprecedented solutions.


2:Wafer level optical facet mirror coating.

Traditional edge-emitting lasers (EELs) must first be cut into laser bars and stacked for optical coating on both sides. This process is cumbersome, and imperfections can easily occur when cutting the laser bars. Damage also can occur during stacking and  removing the laser bars, causing difficulties in quality control and loss of yield. We complete the optical coating at the wafer process stage, resulting in better uniformity, yield, and cost than traditional methods.



3:T-bar multi-ridges waveguide laser structure enable high output power.

The innovative T-bar structure can achieve excellent emission and reflection end faces, avoiding defects on the surface of the ridge waveguide end face during dry etching or wet etching processes. Moreover, the multi-ridge laser structure can achieve high power output in a small area, which is especially suitable for high power laser applications.